In today's world can not do without the knowledge of foreign languages. And when we begin to study them, if not a child! Now children learn language in kindergarten and elementary school, but agree that studying at university and also the teacher-native speakers - that's definitely something to the child reaches the best results.

Together with the Peace Corps volunteer Ashley Wichman Center SSU family started Circle of English for children. Each week the children in an entertaining way attached to the new world for themselves - American English: study of words and get used daily dialogues do it without an accent. The Center for Family Support classes are held in a comfortable environment and friendly atmosphere.

"Knowledge of English in our time - a very useful skill that is required in school, in employment and in life in general, because it is a language of international communication that reveals boundaries helps you find common ground with the majority of the inhabitants of the world. I am very pleased that we have at SSU had such a unique opportunity - not only child care while I am engaged in the affairs of the University and also taught English for free! "- Shared his impressions mother Julia, whose daughter attends classes.

"And I really like the fact that not only we learn from Ashley, but it is with us: we call popular pet in English, and she - in Russian. We sometimes she suggests "- said the 7-year-old Mike, a student Ashley.

So, without cramming through live communication is not just children learning another language, but also other cultures. Scientists have proved that children learn a foreign language gives better because their knowledge is not as overwhelmed as adults. English for children - a promising contribute to their future, which, no doubt, they will need in adult life and makes the world more open for the child.