The overall objective of the project “Equal opportunities in getting profession for young mother-students in higher educational establishments” is the contribution to the gender equality, spreading the practice of creating of equal opportunities in getting profession for young mother-students in HEE. In other words – it is the approbation, improvement and extension of the model of possibilities for combination of high school duties with family ones by young mothers-students. This model will be a marker of gender-sensitive policy, social protection and services in relation to the vulnerable group – mothers-students with young children.

Project activities:

1) Extending the initiative “Family-friendly University” based on Sumy State University by:

1.1. Іntroducing innovative activities:

1.1.1. Developing social nursery service:

а) Study visit to University in Germany

b) Expanding the capacity of childrenspace of SSU:

- improvement / furnishing two additional premises to existing one (playing room and sanitary room)

-  sustainability of the childrenspace services (introduction of additional units of staff)

1.1.2. Promotional campaign:

а) Press conference for local media at the beginning of the project

b) Issue of advertising booklet "The establishment friendly to young mother with child"

c) Conference presentation of expanded gender-sensitive initiatives "Family-friendly establishment" for the administration of HEE from all 27 regions of Ukraine at the end of 1-year of the project (in Sumy, Ukraine)

1.1.3. Training campaign (training for young mothers-students and other students of SSU and other Sumy HEE) with the theme "Equal opportunities - equal responsibilities"

1.2.Improving existing activity of initiative "Family-friendly University" - expanding the range of services and forms of activity

1.2.1. Systematic joint educational classes for parents with children.

1.2.2. Systematic mass activities due to national initiatives of Father's Day, Mother's Day

1.2.3. Systematic counseling of parents on ways how to make partners family relationships, child upbringing and care

1.2.4. Creation and maintaining of informational electronic resource of the project - "Family-friendly establishment”

1.3. Monitoring of the functioning of the expanded initiative "Family-friendly establishment" at the SSU with reflecting the results in the printed project production

1.3.1. Conducting an annual sociological survey

1.3.2. Issue the manual “The results of the extending of the initiative “Family friendly university” in SSU - "Students Stork".

2) Conducting training of HEE administration of Ukraine on providing equal opportunity in getting profession of young mothers-students:

2.1. Issue the guide for the administration of universities/employers about the creating gender-sensitive possibilities at the working places.

2.2. Issue the manual for the teaching of gender-responsible behavior among youth.

2.3. Training for the representatives of HEE administration who makes decisions (vice-rectors and their assistants)

2.4. Training for the representatives of the HEE who work with young mothers-students, students at all (specialists in extra curriculum activity, psychological and social services of universities, faculty and tutors of the groups)

2.5. Training for the students self-managements representatives

2.6. Demonstrative training for the young mother-students

3) Elaborating the proposals for the development of state policy in the sphere of fair gender balance between work/ studying and family responsibilities in organizations, establishments and companies.

3.1. Elaborating of recommendations followed by their transfer to project beneficiaries - Equal Opportunities Caucus in Ukrainian Parliament

3.2. Issue the manual “The results of the initiative “Family friendly university» and gender-sensitive policies in Ukrainian universities-project participants”

3.3. Reporting conference presentation of the project experience "Equal opportunities in getting profession for young mother-students in higher educational establishment (HEE)" together with all the participating in the project HEE and partners (in Kyiv).

One of the expected results is skilled staffs in HEE who defend the rights of mother-students and can provide opportunities for young mother-students. We expect that the administrations of universities will learn how to implement policies for work/study and family balance for young mother-students. The trained staff, with the ability to create policies at universities, will be able to implement the above mentioned initiative and thereby will improve the quality of education and well-being of young mother-students.

If you wish to join the project activities, please contact us:

+380 542 687 796; +38 050 288 1038, Julya Savelyeva.