It’s not that being young parents is any better than being an older parent, but, if you happen to find yourself parenting younger than you expected, at least you can be aware of some things that you have in your favor.

Young parents have the advantage of energy and youth. It’s easier to bound around after your kid, or rough house with your kids when your body is up for it. The sleepless nights and wear and tear of parenting is often not as hard on young parents as it is on older parents.

Another plus for young parents is that it wasn’t that long ago that you were walking in your kid’s shoes. You may have a better memory of what being a child, let alone a teenager is like. Your youth may make you more relatable to your children.

As young parents, you may also be more adaptable and find it easier to deal with the changes and upheaval of parenting, as you haven’t had so many years to become set in certain routines and habits.

Some of the challenges young parents face is that they don’t always have the stability and wisdom that comes with experience. This can sometimes mean that you’ll get worked up over things that can be overlooked, or maybe worry more about something that is really trivial. It can also mean that you aren’t always aware of things that are important, though small.

One other challenges young parents face is that they feel they have not had enough time for themselves before their life became all about somebody else. If you are feeling that way, just remember that it won’t be forever. Kids do grow up, and you will still have time. And, your children, one of your life’s greatest accomplishments, will be around to enjoy that time with you.

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